About Those Life Transitions

You can change your future by simply changing your attitude

Personal Transition 

Life Changes                Education 

Family                       Career

Grief                          Personal 

Birth                          Pregnancy 

Divorce                            Retirement

Moving                               Loss

At any time in your life you will be presented with a challenge that stops you in your tracks and requires emotional adjustment.      

Positive or negative

Accessing support from and objective source  will serve you in making decisions based on logic instead of emotion. It brings in a different perspective than the one you are use to relying on. You can have the opportunity to reflect on your life and explore past decisions to make the best decision

in the now.


Don't struggle alone

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Weekly Workshops Available


A 2 hour open, honest discussion to

explore any thoughts, patterns or behaviours that are holding you back for the life you want.  

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Build your own group

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Online Option

Adulting Workshops

Everyday in your life there will be challenges to overcome. You reaction and recovery to these challenges will impact your life. There are skills that will give you the BEST chance  at success in;  

  • Education

  • Career

  • Money Matters

  • Family Dynamics 

  • Intimate Relationships 

  • Sex

  • Parenting

  • Transitions

  • Happiness