Erase the Stigma of Mental Health

Jan 28, 2021

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Erase the Stigma of Mental Health

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Shawna Akerman

The world has changed. Have you?

The stigma of mental health has been forever altered and in the name of COVID-19. The recognition that we as a community, asa society and as a world can all be impacted by things out of our control. The reminder that our lives are not really our own has forced us to look at ourselves differently as distractions from our usual lives has left us with our thoughts of:


Loss of control

Feelings of isolation


Lack of joy

Overwhelming emotions




Mental health is now a bigger and bolder conversation.

Anxiety and depression have become mainstream. No longer just for “others.” It has knocked on every door bringing fear and uncertainty, exhaustion and negativity.

What is happening to the will to live and fight for a future?

Is there a future to fight for?

How will it ever get better?

Will I be able to make it?

We will and we can.

If we start having a different conversation with ourselves and the society we engage with.

💬 Talk. Talk. Talk.

💬 Share your stuff

💬 Get the negativity out of your head and body everyday

💬 Find a place to park it and get out

💬 Chose something different

🔑 Honesty

🔑 Movement

🔑 Mindset

🔑 Mindfulness

🔑 Meditation

🔑 Conversation

🔑 Therapy

Anything that changes your thoughts for a minute. Then start adding up minutes until it becomes a routine. Continue and don’t give up until it becomes a habit, a pattern.

It won’t be easy and like every diet, needs full commitment to stay on track or a new activity which requires dedication and practice to learn. There will be setbacks and failure. But then YOU will be nicer to yourself and your loving self talk will provide love and acceptance for the setbacks and make it easier to start again. Don’t give up.

Mental health is a strong force. It’s you against your brain.

But... your subconscious controls 90% of your mind, only 10% is you.

Imagine now that your subconscious holds all your negativity. All the triggers of your past. All the mistakes you made and all the beliefs other people have put on you.

The idea of fighting against that is overwhelming, and exhausting. But the alternative is a lot of negative emotions that sabotage your day, throw you off track, and perpetuate negative self talk. Aren’t you tired?

Baby steps. Tiny thoughts.

💕 Plants seeds for a new garden of feelings.

💕 Love and worth

💕 Calm and strong

💕 I am enough

💕 I deserve

💕 I desire

💕 I can

💕 I will

💕 I do

💕 I hope

If you are struggling with Mental Health you do not need to struggle alone.

The conversation is bigger and bolder now.

The feelings that you have ARE VALID. As the vibration of the world is quieter the vibration of yourself is louder. Emotions are screaming from the inside out. You can choose to let them simmer in your body creating more negativity or you can stand up to yourself. You can choose one different thought today, for one second.

· See how it feels. Then repeat.

· It is easier to be more successful when you share with others.

· If you are alone and feel isolated find your group on social media that you can find support.

· Use Google to find all the free resources that are out there that can guide you are path to mental wellness

· Invite your friends and family and to your negativity and allow them to share in the positive thoughts you’re trying to build

Or find a professional, someone who can help guide your journey to discovering the thoughts that keep you from feeling OKAY EVERYDAY.