I, me, you, daughter, son, mother, father, 
partner, friend, co-worker, profession. 

Each relationship brings negative and positive emotions and experiences. You have the power to define those roles and your interaction in each relationship, but to do so you need to know who you are and value yourself. 

That is where we seem to fall short in our own lives. Letting guilt, bullying, toxicity or fear lead our actions instead of our logical brain.

Build your toolbox of; 

  • Setting boundaries

  • Saying no without guilt

  • Getting needs met

  • Learning to receive from others 

  • Stop being bullied

Every relationship has the ability to be change.

You have the ability to change.

Be the Change Maker 


 What behaviour do you need to change? 

  6 Week Program

  1. Mindfulness Practice to ignite self-love 

  2. Mindfulness Practice to shift fears

  3. Find leading thoughts of behaviour

  4. Build a new thinking  pattern 

  5. Implement it with a support plan

  6. Meditation to reprogram. 


  6 Week Implementation  

   Track mindful behaviour

   Reflect on awareness

   Track changes in relationship responses

   Weekly phone check in's

   You are worth the investment.