Jill Franks, PhD

Certified Health Coach &

Personal Training Specialist

Specializing in Prenatal/Postpartum and Older Adults (55+) Health and Fitness.

I feel fully satisfied when I am working with people to set health goals, to lose weight, increase strength and increase independent living, and so much more!

"Working with Jill has been such an amazing experience for me! She was so attentive with everything I told her and she never forgot even the smallest of details. As a client, I truly enjoy working with a coach who gives you their full attention and really tries to not only empathize with you, but encourage you and challenge you as well."

Regina Kotoviets
Registered Social Worker
MSW, M.Ed, B.Ed, ECE

"A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you do not make the turn." Helen Keller


In my life experiences, I have often taken the wrong turn and in that journey, I learned valuable lessons while finding a new direction.

     Have you checked in on your journey?

     Are you on the right road or in need of a right turn?

     Are you ready to go for a different ride?

 Specialty Focused

  • Fertility

  • Grief 

  • ADHD

  • Anxiety

Modalities include

  • ​CBT

  • DBT

  • Mindfulness

  • Emotion-Focused Therapy

Lisa Lewis, CHC
Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach 
Cannabinoid Educator

Most of us have an idea that we need to make "changes", we just don't know what to do to or where to start!

What if you could experience being different without having to remember to be different!


"When I started seeing Lisa, my goal was to live a healthier, more organized and less stressful life. And to deal with my diabetes & high blood pressure. 


Three months later...I'm no longer diabetic and able to get off my meds and blood pressure is also well under control. 

 I felt heard, understood, like there was time and space for me to share what I wanted to share. I felt unconditionally accepted, no matter what was happening in my life or in the coaching program. She helped me create doable and relevant action steps for me to take between our sessions and held me accountable for the action steps we created as well as any additional changes I wanted to implement. 


 Lisa was able to break down each step so I didn't become overwhelmed and to take each situation and find learning moments in everything!"


Zach Sturm
Therapist in Training

Currently a student attending Fleming College working to accomplish receiving my Social Service Worker and Mental Health and Addictions Worker Diploma. I have worked towards expanding my knowledge within Indigenous understanding by receiving my Indigenous Perspective Designation certification.

Moving forward I hope to continue expanding my knowledge within the field by encouraging my learning to be diverse as possible. Once I graduate, I plan to continue my education at Ryerson University to take my Master’s and PhD in Social work as well as Major in disability studies while Minor in LGBTQ+ studies.

As I begin my journey in the field, I believe great learning comes from community building and taking on opportunities that can feel uncomfortable to take on at first, but grow to become as amazing life lessons to me. My biggest passions have come to be understanding human development and how areas
such as disabilities, mental health, addictions, LGBTQ+, cultural diversity and trauma can effect the different development stages we have come to understand today.