You do not have to struggle alone. It accepted now to air your dirty laundry and share your s%$t!

There is no shame in the stories that have created the human you are today. There is only forgiveness and compassion. There is an opportunity to let go of the emotional baggage that is weighing you down.

It is time to move freely into the future. 

You could do it yourself but it takes motivation and accountability.

Set yourself up for success by sharing your vulnerability with a professional. 

All of your challenges and negative thoughts will be met with acceptance, love and understanding. It would bring me joy to help guide you on discovering how to live a better way.  

Here a a few questions I like to explore; 

Ask yourself why you can compliment others but not yourself?

Ask yourself how many times you did something for someone instead of doing something for yourself?

Ask yourself why you treat other people better than you treat yourself?

You are with yourself 24/7.

Do you believe life would better and brighter if you like the person you spend so much time with?

Try saying this to yourself in the mirror.

I admire myself for the qualities I respect in others.

I thank myself for the things I do for myself that I do for others.

I like myself as much as I like my best friends.

I am as wonderful and valuable as the people in my life.

If you find this activity uncomfortable come visit for at least one "love energy" session.