Youth Programs

As I work towards building my music practice, I am studying a BFA in Classical Voice as well as a side certification in Reiki Energy Healing, and planning to pursue a Masters in Music Therapy. 

My goal is to become a registered music therapist, specializing in patients who have autism and Down syndrome, as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia. I also plan to include therapeutic energy healing in my practice, as well as giving music lessons and performing on the side. 


Currently I am teaching voice and piano, as well as running a youth program and a music program at the Karma club. The youth program at Karma Club presents opportunities for young adults to build community relationships through common interests. In the warm and welcoming environment that we have created, re-entering the world of socialization will be a joyful experience that allows individuals to make connections and discover interests  through artistic sessions, including but not limited to music, art and creative writing. As for music programs, young children who aspire to build connections in the field of music will have opportunities to do so through Karma and my practice: Songbird Music.


I genuinely believe that there is music in everyone, and that it has a true role in improving the mental and physical health of anyone who is searching for any form of direction in life. I look forward to continuing to use my passion for music and healing to help others grow and blossom.