Welcome! 2021 did not begin with hope and promise.

  COVID has kicked our butts. Everything has changed and it's time to take back control of your life. Karma Cares has grown over this year to include an incredible team of professionals to support your needs. As an educator, therapist, parent, advocate and neurodiverse person, I empathize and understand the challenges that get in the way every day. Life is challenging and we would like to guide you on your individual journey.  I invite you to book a 20-minute complimentary consultation to see how we can support your journey to reset your mindset, habits, health, relationships to reach your potential. 

Psychotherapist & Accessibility Mentor
Shawna moves people and gets them to achieve things they never knew possible.

Book a complimentary session with her today!
Individual Therapy
Come and sit for a great conversation. Explore the challenges that get in your way of the day (or life).
Life Skills Coaching
Helping individuals living with Autism achieve their full potential and gain the skills for independent relationships and life opportunities.
Meet Lisa, Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach
Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach
Specialized in Meaningful Habit Change: Lifestyle Transitions for Health & Wellness, Organizational Skills/Life Management, Accountability Partner, Medical Cannabis Educator/Consultant
Technology for Independence
A digital solution to managing all the skills to live independently and self regulate.
Meet Jill, PhD, Fitness and Wellness Specialist
Jill is a Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness Consultant.

She loves working with moms regain their inner core strength and discover their realistic goals and expectations of parenting.

Book a complimentary session with her today!
Karma Klub
Chill and Chat
Lunch and Learn
A safe space to be you
FITness Flow for Mental Wellness
Find the flow of your movement for mental wellness
Group Therapy
Men's group
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