Meet Shawna

Registered Psychotherapist & Positivity Expert

Dedicated Educator, Advocate and Mom


I am so glad you chose to continue reading. I am grateful you took the time to invest in yourself and thank you for the precious moments you spend in my world. I feel most satisfied when I know that there are more joy and less stress in the world. I have been lucky to have discovered some incredible ways of living my best life. It would bring me great enjoyment to share them with you.  

I will take the liberty and guess that you are ready to release the stories that have been taking up space in your mind. You might be ready to talk about the thoughts that define your behaviours and how they are impacting your life. I might even help you understand how you may be perceived in the world versus how you define yourself.  When you begin this journey, you will be gifted with the opportunity to make a change in all areas of your life in mind, body and soul. You will have the experience of exploring how your subconscious thoughts dictate your actions. You can change the conversation and begin the journey to living your authentic life. 


My Vision

I believe therapy gave me the tools to live my life. It was an opportunity to look at myself and create the best me as I raised my children. I  shifted life patterns, attracted positivity, transitioned my life and continued on my journey of self-discovery. I hope you join me.  

I pride myself on my resilient attitude. I am skilled at finding the positive impact of every negative experience. I am now living my authentic life. I have transitioned through divorce and career changes with positivity. I have set boundaries and expressed my needs with love and honesty. The relationships in my life are supportive and wonderful. I live in gratitude for my ability to seek support, share my story and evolve into the self, I imagined. 


Finding your voice and value of self is paramount. Life is affected by a multitude of events, both positive and negative and building a toolbox of skills allows one to travel on a path of positivity and self-acceptance. It won't always be easy but it will be well worth the effort.  I am committed to impacting change with my clients to find joy, emotional stability, and balance in our challenging world.

Shawn is a parent of a 21 year old daughter, who is on the severe end of the ASD spectrum. After years of wanting to do more, Shawn and I co-founded Karma Country Camp, to help fill a void of summer programs available for teens.  This newly created summer day camp, based in York Region specializes in teens on the Autism Spectrum ages 12+.    After a successful first year in 2019, Shawn partnered with Amy Kirsh in order to expand the Ausome Karma Social club.   For the past 2 years, Shawn and Amy have taken their client to Vegas, Jamaica, White Water rafting, Tree Top Treking and many more weekend get-aways.

Many of our campers and clients struggle with social maturity and often struggle with making friends and trying new experiences.  Our goal is to create a safe supportive setting enabling our clients to try and learn from exciting new experiences.  At Karma we seek to create a community of families with a common goal of expanding their kids social and life skills, outside the school environment.