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Being Neurodivergent in a typical world is very challenging. A lot of the social cues and necessary social rules do not make sense and create a lot of work with minimal results. It's easier to be alone and connect on technology and disconnect whenever you're ready with no repercussions. Putting the energy into face-to-face relationships is very difficult and takes up a lot of energy.
At Karma Cares we offer you space within the community through the support of volunteers, student placement workers, therapists, and employers. We work together to support your mental health, social needs, self-awareness, and advocacy skills.
This can be accomplished through many of the programs that we create and are interest based. If you or your child could benefit from this type of support, contact Karma Admin to get matched.
For more details book your complementary 15 minute consultation with a Karma Cares Community Counselor.
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social Programs

Learn and practice building relationships with other Neurodiverse individuals in our social programs, offered to the following groups:
Ages 11-13
Ages 14-17
Ages 18+
Programs include music, games, swimming, art, and social skill building.
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employment & adulting skills

Let's discover your Neurodiverse SUPERPOWER. By finding your unique set of skills, we can direct your strengths into the workforce
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Live your life your way.
Brain in Hand is an online app that helps you solve problems, stay on top of tasks, and manage anxiety or emotional setbacks so you can achieve your goals.
As a Brain in Hand trained Specialist, I work with Neurodiverse individuals to not only build skills that are valuable for day-to-day experiences, but to also maintain them over time.

summer camp

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A summer to remember.
Karma Cares offers a Summer day camp for teens who identify with Neurodiversity and social challenges.
Navigate ASD, ADHD, Anxiety, or other mental health struggles in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.